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Seyda SİRKECİOĞLU – 21.12.2020

My dear doctor operated on me in 2015, I was a 20-year-old university student. Due to the fracture in the spinal cord, 4 Platinums were inserted. At first we were very afraid that it would affect my life a lot, but now I am used to living with them. I am still dynamic and active. I also have a 2.5 year old son. Just leave yourself to reliable hands, they will want and do the best for you. I did and still do. I am very lucky to know you. Thank you a thousand times for everything. [Read More...]

Nuri DOĞAN – 14.12.2020

Dear doctor, I would like to thank you for your surgery in the spinal cord area, which lasted for 2 hours, and for regaining my health. You showed your interest and professionalism by following up after the surgery. Wishing you continued success...

Dilek UNLU – 04.12.2020

My father was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, he had complaints of urinary incontinence, gait and speech disorders for 2 years. We came to Dr. Tolga. He said we shouldn't be late for surgery. It was just as they said. Changes started in my father after a week. It changes day by day. Thankfully, he can stand up and start walking. Urinary incontinence stopped. Dr. I would like to thank Dr. Tolga and his team. Good luck to their hands, don't let their hands be troubled. I wish you good luck and long life.

Dogucan CATALTEPE – 01.12.2020

My father had a cerebral hemorrhage due to high blood pressure on the night of October 6, 2019. In the state hospital we went to, it was said, 'Be prepared for everything, you are not suitable for surgery, you should stay in the intensive care unit' and because there was no room in the intensive care unit, we waited for six hours, unconscious. Afterwards, the bezmialem dragos hospital accepted my father and he was transferred to the intensive care unit. Although it was Sunday, Dr. Tolga came and took my father into surgery urgently and the operation was [Read More...]

Yuksel CAVDAR – 20.11.2020

To my Dr. Tolga Turan DUNDAR, I had an operation on my back 3 years ago. 6 platinums were installed. I am very well now. My health is very good. Thank you very much to my doctor.

Abit SANCAK – 20.11.2020

I'm Abit SANCAK. I had Brain Bleed Surgery and Dr. Tolga DUNDAR performed my surgery. Very pleased to meet you. He is a very qualified doctor and I feel very good. A very successful and good doctor. He is a doctor that can be recommended to everyone. I have never seen such a doctor before. I can say for myself that I am very pleased and cannot explain my feelings. I hope you don't, but if it does, Dr. Do not trust anyone other than Tolga DUNDAR.

A. MERSIN – 19.10.2020

Our physician, Dr. Tolga DUNDAR is a physician who gives us confidence. We came to our teacher from Trabzon for treatment. It was a pleasure to inform us before the operation. Person to be operated Our mother went into the operation very comfortably without any hesitation. After the surgery, our teacher informed us, thank you very much. Sir, may God guide your way.