My father had a cerebral hemorrhage due to high blood pressure on the night of October 6, 2019. In the state hospital we went to, it was said, ‘Be prepared for everything, you are not suitable for surgery, you should stay in the intensive care unit’ and because there was no room in the intensive care unit, we waited for six hours, unconscious. Afterwards, the bezmialem dragos hospital accepted my father and he was transferred to the intensive care unit. Although it was Sunday, Dr. Tolga came and took my father into surgery urgently and the operation was successful. Dr. Tolga; He talked to the doctors in all branches that took care of my father one by one, and gave us information whenever we wanted information. Now, 2.5 months have passed since the surgery, and thankfully my father is getting better every day. thank you very much sir. We need doctors like you and you.

Dogucan CATALTEPE - 01.12.2020